Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things I Like Thursday

1. Watching NHL history being made by the LA Kings winning the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals was awesome! I cannot express how impressed I was with the Kings' performance!! They finally have Lord Stanley after 45 years in the league! Fun fact: Kings are the FIRST number 8 seed in either conference to win the Stanley Cup!

2. Still slightly related to #1, but I got my dad this sweet hat for Father's Day. :)

3. I've been reading like crazy this summer, and getting a ton of books from the library is just something small but great.

4. I love watching Tosh.0 and this week's episode was pure gold.

What are some of y'all loving this Thursday?


  1. So glad the King's won! I never tire of seeing a team crash into each other after buzzer sounds, beaming :D

    And I second getting books from the library!

    1. Oh it was SO cool and my dad's from LA so he was super happy too :) It was just awesome to watch