Friday, June 15, 2012

Things To Do: Phipps Conservatory

If you ever find yourself in the Pittsburgh area, you need to go see the Phipps. This place is full of beautiful arrangements and rooms that transport you to a whole new world.

I went to the conservatory when they were having several exhibits, like the butterfly room and Summer Flower Show: Fountains of Youth. Everything is beautiful and fun to walk around in. 

I especially loved the Fountains of Youth exhibit because they had fun little health tidbits on the majority of fruits and flowers around the rooms. They even had some recipes for everyone to try!

from my favorite room: the orchid room!

When you come to Pittsburgh this place is one of the best of the city. I love everything about the place and always try to make a trip (or two!) to the building! I'm hoping their history-making Center for Sustainable Landscapes will be open soon!

Hope everyone will have a great weekend!

What are y'all doing for this weekend?

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