Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dad's birthday macaroons

I have a confession to make: cooking & baking are not my forte. I can barely boil water and all of my baking adventures look... not too appetizing.

Nevertheless, I decided to bake macaroons for my dad's 72nd birthday (yeah, he's old!). Macaroons are his favorite sweets & he just had surgery two days before. I think he deserved a little treat after all of that!

I picked up a Raspberry Coconut Macaroon recipe and decided to give it a go! Smitten Kitchen is a great website for wonderful recipes, y'all need to check it out because despite my lack of kitchen experience, these macaroons were a big hit with everyone in my house!

World's oldest food processor right there!
The ingredients are pretty simple and the only thing I changed was using Egg Beaters egg whites instead of cracking open actual eggs. The only thing I warn about doing that is that you have to guesstimate how much is half of one of the containers. I think I poured too much in so my end batter was more yellow that white.

Also, for someone who might not know, my mother told me that you're "not supposed to stack macaroons on top of each other." Lucky for me, these macaroons are not so sticky on the outside, but they remain nice & moist on the inside. Mmmm!

I definitely recommend trying to make these, they were absolutely delicious and the directions were super easy to follow. Even my dog Daisy was trying to hypnotize me to drop a morsel!

Who can say no to that face?!
What are some of your favorite macaroon recipes?

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