Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend update: work hard, play hard

Last week, my absence was due to working 11+ hours a day and feeling like doing nothing until about 9pm when I go to bed. My life is boring, I know.

Saturday night I ended up going to a small birthday party for a woman that works the swing shift, and we had a ton of fun. Luckily, the tequila did not get the best of me even after 3 shots and a few mixed drinks. Seems like my old age has given me an iron liver.

Y'all, work has been kicking my tail! I've been putting in long hours and leaving with sore feet. Stress has given me a type of cold/allergy thing, so now I'm trying to fight that off with copious amounts of tea. Send some good vibes that I don't get sick this week!!!!

Also, my toilet keeps running and ruining my water temperature and wasting water. I'm about thissssss close to bashing it in with a hammer. Any toilet-savvy ladies out there that want to help me?!

Oh, and a rock left a lovely gift to me in the form of a crack in my windshield. ACK!!!!

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm visiting from the linkup :)

    work hours suck!! especially long days! hopefully you have a better week xo

  2. Hopefully you get a chance to relax this week and this coming weekend! As for the toilet... the valve/hole thingy might be blocked in the tank... make sure it's closing all the way.

  3. Ouch those are long days! I wish I was as resistant to tequila haha always gets the better of me eeek xx