Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

I don't think anyone has spoken truer words than Tupac.

Part of me debated making this a blog post, since it seemed very me-centric and I tend to shy away from things that feature me heavily. I just like working on DIYs and fantasy outfits and sharing music.

But, I think I need to say this. In case anyone out there is going through something similar to me I have a message for you & even if you haven't gone through what I have, it's always good to have a reminder.

When I was 7 years old, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I always knew I wanted to do something with medicine, but now I had a dachshund puppy to take care and I loved him so much my heart would burst just looking at him. It seemed so obvious. Couple that with grandpa bonding time on the dairy farm, watching calves being born and waking up early for milking. Deep down, I always knew animals would be a huge part of my life.

The big turning point was when I was 12 and my dog died from a slipped disc in his back. I worked with him tirelessly for 2 months, doing water rehabilitation to try and bring feeling back into his hind legs. When he died, I vowed to become an amazing veterinarian to try and save animals from what I went through. I would never wish that kind of heartache on anyone.

I worked hard in middle school. I worked hard in high school. I got into colleges and decided on Oklahoma State, a lot of it because I loved their vet school. I was set. I knew what I wanted.

Somewhere along the way, I lost part of the passion. Yeah, I volunteered and loved my classes, but somewhere along the line I got scared. Could I really get into vet school? Was I smart enough? How could I afford 4 more years? Could I mentally get through more school right now? It was a gut-wrenching decision, but I decided to take a break from school and get a job.

You know, making money is nice, but there was always a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach. I would wake up asking myself "What are you doing? This is not you." For the most part, I ignored it.

Then, one morning, I woke up and a voice told me "This is not you. Being a veterinarian is you." I felt like crying, because I felt like God was pushing me and making me not ignore him. The message was clear: I wasn't completely happy, I wasn't doing what I loved, and I knew it.

So, thus begins my journey with emails, advisors, grades, GRE preparations, and really going after what I've always wanted.

Let me tell you -- if you need a break, take it. But don't fool yourself in not doing what you absolutely love! The road is always tough and full of bumps, but you'll kick yourself in the end if you don't just do it. I go to work in a better mood now because I know I'm at least working towards the goal. And I know that even if I don't get into vet school, I tried my hardest. And in the end, that's all that really matters.

I wish everyone Godspeed on working towards their dreams, no matter what they are. :)

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." ~ Walt Disney


  1. Good for you Megan! So proud of you... follow your dreams! I wish I knew what mine was so I could chase it.Keep me posted on how it goes.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I'm sure the right thing for you will come along, for now just focus on all the things you love and enjoy them! :)

  2. Do what is you! And best of luck :)

  3. Good for you girl!! I know the world we live in we want the easy life but sometimes God speaks to us to tell us we can do bigger and better things. So glad to hear you are listening to Him!!!! :)

    1. Yes, I'm so glad I finally started listening! It's worth it. :) Thank you for your kind words!

  4. Go for it Meg!! I'm so impressed with you going after your dream! I'm just starting to try and make some changes in my life, so I totally know how scary and stressful it is. Hope that everything goes great!!


    1. It definitely is scary and stressful, but I believe the end result is totally worth it! Good luck to you and thank you for the kind words! <3