Friday, August 10, 2012

Mascara & Lipgloss Swap! (better late than never!)

I know what you're thinking: Megan, you are so late with this swap link-up. What is your problem.


The woes of moving: dealing with a new address and the post office that comes with it. After some hectic phone calls plus me yelling a bit (yelling sweetly, of course) at the people at the Postal Service, I got my lovely goodie bag from Kari at Cupcakes and Bling! She is a wonderful lady and from Oklahoma! She definitely knows the woes of this southern heat wave.

Not only did I get a beautiful pink heart bag, but this girl read my mind! I didn't give her much to go on but she did a perfect job!

What I got:

I've been waiting to use this mascara in forever! Plus, it's waterproof, so it won't melt on my face when I go outside!

This is such a great red shade. The applicator is angled, so it covers a lot of lip in a small swipe. It makes me look sultry and I'm in love. ;)

Thank God I got this, my nails have been looking wonky lately! Such an adorable design, too!

Thank you so much Kari, you got me some great little gifts!!

What type of mascara and lip gloss are your favorites?


  1. I'm so glad you finally got the package!! I was getting a little worried. It was really really hard for me not to buy myself the same lipgloss! I may just have to go back and get some :)

    1. Yes, go back and get some, it's great lip gloss!! :D Thanks again!

  2. I like this thing called MajorikaMajorika that I found in Japan this summer when I went. Sad that I only got one tube though since it's from Japan :/ My favourite lip gloss are the C.O.Bigelow mentha ones from Bath and Body Works! It's definitely worth a try if you haven't yet :)