Monday, June 17, 2013

Things I Love Thursday ♥

1. Have you met Maddie the Coonhound? She is so adorable, is a rescue dog, has a book all about her, and  is now going on a tour! She'll instantly put a smile on your face.

2. Eating Christmas themed gobstoppers in June! Lots of flavors in assorted winter holiday colors. Yum!

3. This post on why it's okay to be unpopular is so uplifting and inspiring. A good reminder to always be true to yourself.

4. Going through a blogger's block? I know we've all been there, so this post is excellent to read to get back into the swing of blogging!

5. Write with Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, and Emily Dickinson thanks to Google!!

6. Even though it's not homemade like I like it, flan is still amazing even if it's in small processed packages.

7. The weather has been muggy because of rain, but I love the summer thunderstorms that lull me to sleep.

8. Almost done with the 9th season of Bridezillas. I am seriously obsessed with this show! Thank you, Netflix!

9. A ton of my friends from college are getting amazing dream jobs, and while it makes me feel old, I could not be more proud of my talented group of friends and all their accomplishments!

10. We're already half-way through June, but that just brings us closer to the 4th of July!!


  1. Collaborations, what!? That sounds fun to play around with xD And yes to summer thunderstorms, uisghjhgkf ><; to humidity.

  2. Are you a member of ARKANSAS WOMEN BLOGGERS? Sorry about the all caps...typing with my left hand only is not fun:) Right hand is out of commission for the moment. Chk out AWB; it's free.